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June 30, 2004


Looking for a movie title, music or logo font? TypeNow is sharing the love.

The Independent profiles the remote Thai monastery of Thamkrabok, the world's most extreme drug rehabilitation center (which recently treated Pete Doherty of the Libertines).

Exclaim! examines commercial radio's recent indie leanings.

The San Diego County Public Library needs your help.

"Frankly, I find living in American culture at the moment really problematic," she said. "But then when I think of NASA, it's the one thing that feels future-oriented in a way that's inspiring. The greening of Mars or building a stairway to Mars, these are unbelievable aspirations." Laurie Anderson is excited about being named NASA's artist-in-residence.

"Wilson's deft, luxurious melodic gifts are intact after years of ups and downs, and he isn't resting on his well-earned laurels." The East Bay Express loves the new Brian Wilson record, Gettin' in Over My Head.

"There were little bits in the songs that would come up, and me and Rob would look at each other like, 'Ah, that's an Elliott thing,' " Bolme says. "Like his little goofy drum fill, or a guitar lick or something. We've had enough experience to know that would be the thing that Elliott would walk over and turn up." Jicks bassist Joanna Bolme talks about co-producing Elliott Smith's last record, "Let's Get Lost."

The SF Gate profiles one of my favorite online radio portals, SomaFM.

"The songwriting was a little more challenging than I'm used to because I have a new rule that I'm only using two rhymes -- and that's pretty limiting -- but I like limitations, arbitrary restrictions, because otherwise the field of possibilities is too confusing and wide." Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields is interviewed by the Detroit Free Press.

Greil Marcus writes his last "Real Life Top 10" for at least a year for the Minneapolis City Pages.

"Hava Nagila" is 100 years old today! (This announcement is for my little friend Chana, who can play the song blindfolded).

The Minnesota Daily prefers Dan Bejar's new Destroyer album to Carl Newman's solo effort. I beg to disagree.

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