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June 3, 2004


Peter Hughes kept a tour diary on the Mountain Goats recent west coast swing.

"We're certainly psychedelic, but carrying on the torch from the '60s wasn't ever our intention," Ka-Spel says in a voice that turns every R into a tongue-rolled W. "We've always wanted to be rather timeless, actually. It's not about nostalgia at all. We want to make the most psychedelic music that's ever been recorded." Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots describes the band to the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

"That’s what’s most interesting to me about the new album—this is me trying to engage with something that no longer has anything to do with me, or who I am personally. It was me dredging up a me that I managed to kill many years ago." John Darnielle is interviewed by the Believer in an online exclusive article, and discusses Deicide, indie rock's suspension of adolescence, and poetry.

"Pretty is the new punk," according to the Orlando Weekly.

"We don’t play ’60s-style folk-rock," he admits, "but I think we’re coming from the same place as the people who made that music." Brandon Curtis of The Secret Machines talks to the Boston Phoenix about the band's sound.

The Houston Press asks (about Pitchfork): Will a sassy, hip Web site spell doom for printed rock criticism?

"'I find it really interesting that the bands who seem most influenced by the Smiths and Morrissey have taken nothing sonically from them,' says Spin scribe Chuck Klosterman." The Denver Westword examines Morrissey's influence on today's musicians.

LA Weekly profiles Melissa Auf der Maur.

Franklin Bruno takes on Mission of Burma's past, present and future for Seattle Weekly.

Pre-order your SCTV Network/90 - Volume 1 five disc anthology for $29.99 (list price: $89.99) at US Blockbuster stores? The set is released next Tuesday, I'll be trying to lock in my copy today. Here are the box set stats (from Amazon).

ESP Magazine talks to Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood about his new solo album.

The fourth annual Twangfest online auction has started, with all proceeds going toward a nonprofit, four day St. Louis music festival. CD's, t-shirts, photos, magazines and more (all donated) are available, from artists like Lucinda Williams, the Old 97's, Scott Miller and more.

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