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July 13, 2004

Daily Downloads

Jeff Tweedy: 2002-05-02, NPR'a Fresh Air (registration required) [mp3]
Xiu Xiu: several live shows, video [mp3,wmv]
Hope of the States: audio, video [mp3,avi]
Phosphorescent: two tracks [mp3]
Splashdown: unreleased Blueshift album [mp3]

A.C. Newman: 2004-07-06, Seattle video [mov,wmv,real]

Cursive: "Frankly Mr. Shankly (Smiths cover)" [mp3]
Garrison: "Panic (Smiths cover)" [mp3]
My Awesome Compilation: "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)" [mp3]
Fiery Furnaces: "Chris Michaels" [mp3]
Phosphorescent: "All of It All" [mp3]

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