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July 8, 2004


Who says you can't fit 100 songs on a mix cd? Download "Big Songs for Little Attention Spans."

Even Indianapolis will celebrate the centennial of poet Pablo Neruda's birth.

"If an English indie band draw more than 10 people to a New York gig, the NME will announce that said band are conquering America. Any UK rap act that manages to get through a live set without being attacked is described as a raging success." The Guardian explores the success of UK bands in the United States.

"The blog also serves as a musical diary for my own purposes," Perpetua said. "It's interesting to go back through it and see what I was interested in, and how my tastes ebb and flow." Matt Perpetua of the wonderful mp3 blog Fluxblog talks to Reuters about his weblog and the genre.

"Already familiar to anyone who caught the band on tour for Turn on the Bright Lights, this striking return nails the precarious balancing act between affirming an established sound and expanding upon it, something that seems to elude 99 per cent of acclaimed bands after their first album." John Sakamoto lurves the new Interpol single.

The Boston Phoenix chronicles Continuum's 33 1/3 series on author's favorite albums.

"What I've learned through my life and through my singing is that the less you give and the quieter you are, then the more people will listen," says Stevens. "And there's just a lot of hype and flourishes and circus acts going on all over the place in popular music, and everyone's vying desperately for attention. But I think that what that does is it exhausts the listener, and that people are really ready for music that's quiet and sophisticated and that's soft-spoken." Sufjan Stevens preaches on in an interview with Atlanta's Creative Loafing.

"What thrills the blogerati is that unlike the indie-rockers who've raided the territory (Notwist, Postal Service), Greenspan is a techno adept whose beats yield no quarter." Toronto's Globe and Mail credits bloggers for at least part of the Junior Boys recent success.

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