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July 21, 2004


I want some wacky Japanese t-shirts.

Thanks to 50 Quid Bloke for putting together the MP3 Blog Aggregator.

The Guardian gives the Streets the edge in this year's Mercury prize competition, and gathers album and show reviews of nominated artists.

ChartAttack buys into the Killers hype, reviewing a recent Toronto show, "In under 90 minutes, The Killers proved that they are worthy musicians deserving of every shred of hype that surrounds them."

Ken Tucker reviews PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her for NPR's Fresh Air.

Ken Stringfellow fills in Athens' Flagpole on his busy schedule last year, "I recorded in Memphis with Big Star and Seattle with the Posies both of which will be released on Rykodisc. The Posies material is 90 percent done and the Big Star material is done it will be their first release in 27 years, the Posies' first release in 6 years."

Also in Flagpole, Brother Danielsen's Dan Smith talks about the Danielsen Familie, folk art and his music's connection to Christian music, "That's why when people say I make Christian music, I say 'I don't make Christian music. Did Johnny Cash make Christian music? Did John Coltrane make Christian music?'"

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