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July 22, 2004


Mogwai has been added to the Live Music Archive. Look for live shows to be available for download soon.

God bless Margaret Cho. Check out her "marriage equality resource site." It's probably too late to get her on the ballot in all 50 states for this year's presidential election, but I say we start the "Cho in 2008" campaign today! lists several mid-year top five album lists, including mine.

The Asheville Mountain Express reviews two books on southern dialect, Suddenly Southern: A Yankee's Guide to Living in Dixie and The Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English.

The Orlando Weekly writes a stirring elegy for Elvin Jones.

The Raleigh Independent talks to Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance of Superchunk about the fifteen year anniversary of their successful indie label, Merge.

The Denver Westword interviews the Minders' Frontman Martyn Leaper.

The Indiana Digital Student talks to Cex about his latest album, Maryland Mansions."The whole album is about leaving Baltimore, my home town," Kidwell says. "(Stillnaut Rjyan) is a metaphor for my experience of running away from home. I felt like an astronaut in space that was in a nightmarish situation and could not return home."

Blisspix has posted a list of songs about libraries, librarians, books and reading, complete with lyrics.

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