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August 26, 2004


FontShop shows their Olympic spirit with a free font, Olympukes, that "pokes fun at the seedier side of the Olympics with a font of 52 satire-filled pictograms."

Defend Johnny Cash!

Flagpole reviews the new Drive-By Truckers disc, The Dirty South, and previews The Rock Shows in Athens Friday and Saturday night at the 40 Watt.

"Behind the Music: Deaf to the World, iPod Addict Unplugs," from the New York Observer.

The Winnipeg Sun offers a "completely uninformed guide to the MTV Music Awards."

The Wall Street Journal introduces us to some of the Republican bloggers at the Republican National Convention.

The New York Daily News interviews comedian, activist, and Largehearted party 2008 presidential candidate Margaret Cho.

Lambchop is headlining the Lucy's Record Shop ACT NOW! Reunion Concert September 18th at Nashville's Belcourt Theatre.

Paste Magazine chronicles "The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Redneck Warrior Poets of Rock 'n' Roll," the Drive-By Truckers.

Paste also offers Paste Radio, an internet radio stream of artists featured in the magazine.

Thunderstruck collects news about pop culture, music and religion, especially where they intersect. offers two Napoleon Dynamite soundboards.

Slobberbone's Brent Best is doing a September solo tour of the UK.

Vanmega has posted an August indie rock mix.

Flagpole interviews Charles Bissell of the Wrens about his solo tours, "I don't want to get up on a stage and do acoustic versions of Wrens songs. Now, Wrens songs are mostly what it will be, but I didn't want to take what I think for me would be the easy way out. You're going to hear duets with myself, where I have my own vocals burned on a CD singing along with me and various instruments."

In Another Charles Bissell interview, from the Baltimore Sun, it's noted that the Wrens' excellent Meadowlands has only sold 30,000 copies. That's a shame for one of last year's best albums...

The Philadelphia Inquirer studies the interaction of music and politics in the US this presidential election year.

Community B has released a vinyl version of We Ragazzi's Wolves With Pretty Lips. A limited edition release, each copy has a hand-printed jacket by drummer Aliana Kalaba.

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