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September 30, 2004


The Chicago Tribune interviews Rilo Kiley's Jenny Riley.

Take the Evening Standard's quiz to find out how cool you are.

First there was Free iPods, then Free Flatscreens, then Free Desktop PC's. The latest promotion from Gratis Internet? Free Handbags! The winter holidays are approaching, and one of these would look good under my niece's tree. I wonder if she'd prefer the Kate Spade, the Louis Vuitton, the Coach or the Prada?

The Arcade Fire's Win Butler talks to Toronto's Eye Weekly.

The Independent fields reader questions for Dave Eggers.

Also in the Eye, mp3 blog Mystery and Misery gets a well-deserved namecheck in John Sakamoto's always worthwhile Anti-Hit List.

Nine Bullets is keeping track of live Drive-By Truckers bittorrents, as well as hosting a video of the band playing "Marry Me" from Athens last year (the day drummer Brad "EZB" Morgan got married).

I'll be asking Santa for these shirts: "Ryan Adams Ain't No Brent Best" and "Drink Beer and Fight."

American Mavericks offers interactive versions of Harry Partch's instruments.

Newsday offers a timeline of American novelist Philip Roth's career.

Rolling Stones logo artist Ruby Mazur quietly (and soberly) pursues his craft in Las Vegas.

What do Mandy Moore, Foxy Brown and Moby have in common? Lending their names to commercial products.

Forward profiles Michael Caplan, co-founder of Or Music.

USA Today lists the top five challenged books as the US celebrates Banned Books Week.

Scorcher Jason Ringenberg discusses performing for two audiences, adults and children.

Largehearted friend Dfactor Pop has his new weblog, Waved Rumor, up and running.

PC World Magazine offers a list of "No-Guilt Downloads: Free Books, Music, and Movies."

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