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October 7, 2004


What's in Nels Cline's cd player? The Wilco guitarist tells Toronto's Now.

Novelist Scott Turow is interviewed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the death penalty, law, and his success.

Erasing Clouds interviews Carole King. "A musical artist is a citizen. I'm an American citizen who happens to be a musical artist, and if my celebrity happens to bring people into a room for discussion, so much the better. But then I better know what I'm talking about, and I do."

Should Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize for literature?

Tom Waits talks to Amazon UK about some of his favorite albums.

Comedian and social activist (and Largehearted Boy candidate for president in 2008) Margaret Cho talks to the Arizona Daily Wildcat. "This (tour) is all about really promoting the idea of change, no matter what that change is. To break down the idea of hierarchical myth. I think the country is so polarized and things are so dire. This is going to decide whether or not we grow as a nation or decay."

A Boston Globe columnist spends a night in the Britney Spears mini-suite at the Onyx.

Austin City Limits unveils their new website and new season. Wilco, Bright Eyes, Pixies, The Flaming Lips, the Shins, this will be an interesting ACL season, indeed. lists house concerts all over the US.

Disney's music division is proving profitable for the company.

CNN interviews Paul Westerberg. "It (a replacements reunion) would be a wondrous disaster. I think we'd all retain what we had to begin with, and it would be a blast. It would be a lot of hard work, I think mostly for me, to go back and relearn the songs and the words. ... A little bit easier for them, maybe, to kind of just thump along."

Boston Globe and Boston Herald review Rilo Kiley's recent show.

The Springfield State Journal-Register offers "ten art films to watch for."

M.Ward tells the Las Vegas Mercury about playing on the Vote For Change tour with Bright Eyes.

De La Soul is still cranking out good music after fifteen years.

Canadian songstress Sara Harmer talks to the Calgary Sun.

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