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October 9, 2004


John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats is profiled and interviewed by the Raleigh News and Observer. "People engage so deeply with my stuff that it ends up shaking them internally. But I can defuse a lot of situations by being approachable. It's easy to talk to me, and I don't play much of the unapproachable-artist role except right before a show -- I hate it when people approach me when I'm trying to get my mojo on. Any other time, it's fine. So it's hard for someone to be an obsessive stalker of a guy if he makes himself available. I'm fortunate in that my level of 'fame' is slight enough for that to work. I lead a charmed life."

In another interview, Darnielle talks to the Village Broadsheet about songwriting, literature, and New York.

The New York Times looks at the current crop of first novels.

Kingblind is presenting one of my favorite bands, Japancakes, Wednesday night at the Echo Lounge in Atlanta. Also on the bill are National Grain and Paul Melancon. Stop by and buy Morgan a drink for me (we'll square it up later...).

MF Doom is interviewed by "There’s definitely a second Madvillain album in the works. He would send me a CD and it would have like a hundred beats on it (laughs). The CD would say like '150-250', then I’d get another CD and it would say '250-350'. I got so many Madlib beats that I could do Madvillain albums from now until 2030, kid."

Is Bush Wired? (the weblog)

I've restarted posting pictures to our Flickr account. Stop by if you're feeling voyeurish.

I really don't need a Gucci iPod case, but I'm sure someone does.

sfist interviews Oliver Wang of Soul Sides.

The Chicago Tribune writes about businesses using fake blogs to push products.

Bob Pollard of Guided By Voices has started more eBay auctions, this time signed posters are the prized collectibles.

Quote of the day from Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers (about the future live dvd of the band's recent record release shows for The Dirty South): "We're trying to do something visual. You can't get arrested these days unless you make a f*cking video. I thought it was silly in the 1980s whenever they started that crap and I still think it is. I think we should film a nice landscape with a song over the top of it and they can send me a check."

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