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October 10, 2004


David Byrne is keeping a tour journal of his 2004 tour.

The Boston Globe tries live karaoke (with an actual band).

The San Francisco Chronicle isn't impressed with Ha Jin's new novel, War Trash.

The Daily News Tribune profiles author Ha Jin.

The St. Petersburg Times jumps into the world of teen weblogs.

Was the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram impressed by the recent Bright Eyes, M. Ward and Jim James show? "The reverb effect on his (Jim James) microphone was turned up so high that every note he sang had a deep metallic resonance as if there was a crack in heaven and the angelic sound was leaking out."

The Arizona Republic tells us about "this cool new 'weblog' thing."

Conrad Jordan has reworked the Dion hit "The Wanderer" into an ode to our president, "The Squanderer." Half the proceeds will be split between the Kerry campaign and charitable contributions aimed specifically at wounded soldiers returning from Iraq.

Newsday interviews Duran Duran's Simon LeBon.

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