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October 21, 2004


Paul is blogging again at The Rub, and music fans are thankful.

Radiohead is not only for the stereo, but also for the pianoforte.

Independent record stores hang on, thanks to obsessive music fans.

Pulse of the Twin Cities interviews Wilco's John Stirratt. "The theater of rock kind of relies on being able to look at a singer and then look over at a guitar player. Itís a traditional kind of thing in rock and Iím glad we tried getting away from it, but having Nels, who is really an exciting lead guitar player, it helps quite a bit in both the sound but also the look of the show."

ChartAttack reviews last Wednesday's "Libertines Lite" show in Toronto.

Cartoonist Keith Knight talks about the connection between books and comics.

Dave Keuning of the Killers talks to The Pitch about the pressures of being in an "it band." "We always have expectations to be a five-star band, every single night. And we try to live up to that, so there's always pressure on us. It's been on us so long that we're used to it now."

The Boston Phoenix profiles the music activist group, Downhill Battle.

Salon interviews Frank Black (aka Black Francis). " I don't know about that. [Mockingly] Kurt Cobain liked us. Nothing against him -- that's great that he liked us -- but we're a quirky band and a bunch of people liked us."

Now Toronto interviews Moving Units frontman, Blake Miller. "One day I was fooling around with a bass and came up with something that sounded like a bassline Peter Hook might've come up with for Joy Division. I recorded it, put on a drum track and dubbed on some guitar, and the other guys were into it when they heard it. That song, Between Us And Them, was really the genesis of the Moving Units sound."

Tift Merritt talks to the Kansas City Star.

David Boyle's "George W. Pussy" gets some love in the Boston Phoenix, which adds callouts to Fluxblog and the Tofu Hut.

John Vanderslice talks about recording with the Arizona Daily Wildcat. "I see digital recording as using a microwave or buying your produce from Piggly Wiggly. I am stridently pro-analog and see it as being more wholesome and organic because I just think that it sounds better. And I think that's what people listen for."

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