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October 25, 2004


Rock and Roll Geek is a music weblog worth hearing. Written by Michael Butler (of the band American Heartbreak), the podcasts are exceptionally interesting and fun.

Webtalkguys discuss podcasting.

After Ellen profiles musician Melissa Etheridge.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviews Friday night's Interpol show. "It seemed that their music wasn't so much morose as it was simply magnetic." is a weblog devoted to the Ashlee Simpson SNL appearance, with the tagline, "she thought she'd do a hoe-down."

Would competition help Netflix? The Seattle Times thinks so.

Cincinnati's Enquirer reviews Saturday night's Green Day show.

Hello Kitty turns 30 this year.

Dizze Rascal talks to ic Newcastle. "I just wanted to make music. It's not rock, it's not hip hop, it's not garage, it's just my way of putting a track together. People always try and find a category for music, but I hate the term 'urban'. I don't know what it means, but they have it as a category in HMV. But while I don't like it, I cannot deny it has helped acts like me cross over into the mainstream."

The Tennessean reviews Jason Ringenberg's new album, Empire Builders.

CD Baby has passed the $10 million mark in artist royalties paid.

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