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October 31, 2004


Wilco's Jeff Tweedy talks to the Denver Post. "The mythologizing that goes on around this band is disproportionate to the amount of commercial success we've had."

The O.C. leads the way in offering indie bands exposure both on the show and on soundtrack albums.

ILX names their top five albums of 2004.

iPodder Halloween costumes.

The Japan Times interviews musician M. Ward. "If I had to pick one song that made me want to learn the guitar, it was 'Julia' from the [Beatles'] White Album, because of the sound of the guitar. At the same time I was also discovering Sonic Youth, which made me want to buy an electric guitar. It never ceased to amaze me that that those two very different sounds came from the same instrument."

Newsday examines bloggers and their revenue streams, focusing on

The Sunday Times remembers John Peel as champion for out of the mainstream artists.

PJ Harvey talks about her latest album, Uh Huh Her. "I read and studied quite a lot of Russian folk music before I wrote Uh Huh Her. It's very much rooted in that tradition, as well as English folk music and Scottish folk music and Irish folk music. I've been very interested in all of that. Because as I've been looking for justification in the work I'm doing, I've been looking back to where music came from. ... It's such a strength for me, and a unifying thing.", the book loaning website, gains a foothold in a small Connecticut town.

Nick Cave talks to the Sunday Herald. "I kind of figure that I work in rockíníroll music and I think itís part of my job is to act irresponsibly. Thatís what rockíníroll was invented for, itís supposed to upset people, what other use does it have?"

The New York Times examines the lifespan of the fake Nick Nolte weblog.

Newsweek is less than impressed with Tom Wolfe's latest novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons.

Download mp3's of the WiredCD.

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