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November 18, 2004


Salon examines "the resurrection of Nick Cave."

iPod Zealot collects iPod news, articles and blog posts.

Frank Black talks to the Akron Beacon Journal. "Bands break up, some bands don't, some bands are able to get over and they do their reunion tour. I mean it's not like I'm an Arab and Kim's an Israeli."

Shopping at Borders, Waldenbooks or Borders Express any time through Sunday? Take a coupon.

The Daily Californian reviews Saturday night's San Francisco Guided By Voices show. "Robert Pollard might not be Roger Daltrey, but he does his darnedest. He giddily leaps and scissor-kicks with surprising ease for a man his age, and gleefully spins his microphone around-- just because he can."

Overture tests RSS ads.

The Motley Fool calls Google "G-nius."

The Pitch says goodbye to ODB.

Howe Gelb talks to Tucson Weekly.

Mercury Rev has finished recording their new album, The Secret Migration.

Several church leaders object to The Damned ceremoniously turning on the Cambridge (UK) Christmas lights. " "They are a punk rock band with very doubtful lyrics."

New York's SoHo Apple store has become the "latest singles hotspot," according to the New York Post.

Keanu Reeves will star in the next Spike Lee joint.

Like The Wind offers tips and tricks to optimize Winamp 5.

Iowa band Frankenixon will change their name to The Sword of Exactly on January 1st.

Author Michael Chabon talks to the Daily Californian. "There’s always been a pulp element to my stuff. There were gangsters and a jewel thief in 'Mysteries of Pittsburgh,' and a horror writer figured prominently into 'Wonder Boys. I think the day (of comics and literature intermingling) is upon us—distinctions are constantly being broken."

The Cornell Daily Sun reviews the new Boredoms album.

The UW Daily offers "free download picks of the week." This week features the Postal Service and the Deftones.

Flagpole asks, "What is new with the Summer Hymns?"

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