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November 21, 2004


The New York Times lists "the best of the very worst, or music's greatest misses."

Also from the New York Times, a list of new and recent notable books by immigrant authors.

The Guardian reminisces about the Manic Street Preachers' The Holy Bible album.

The Arizona Republic previews the Seinfeld dvd's (seasons one through three) that will be released this week.

The Baltimore Sun laments that most people haven't read Isaac Bashevis Singer in his native Yiddish.

Game soundtrack of the year, 2005: Stubbs the Zombie.

The Internet Archive hosts many public domain audiobooks, including several Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Fa La La La La is a message board dedicated to "preserving the memories of Christmas vinyl past." The site will be posting holiday vinyl albums starting November 26th.

Trader Vic has updated The Propeller Club, the site dedicated to the 500 original vinyl releases of the Guided By Voices' Propeller album. #312 is available on eBay, and only $525 at the moment.

The Kansas City Star lists their "100 Noteworthy Books of 2004."

Robin Blumner gives thanks for The Onion, cumin, and This American Life (among other things) in the St. Petersburg Times.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff Jarvis proclaims that weblogs are here to stay.

Detroit's image takes another hit. Time to appoint Uncle Grambo to clean things up?

The Arizona Republic reviews last night's Wilco show, notably including a setlist.

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