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December 14, 2004

Free Electronic Toy Update

These may be too late for holiday gifts, but free items are still available via Gratis Internet, Offercentric and Prizecube. All require completion of a trial offer as well as several of your referrals completing an offer. Of the following, I can vouch for the Gratis offers, through them I have received a free flatscreen TV as well as a free 20 gig iPod, and am waiting for shipment of my 40 gig iPod Photo (which will make my wife very happy). The Gratis offers:

free gaming system (4 referrals for an Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube)
free iPod (5 referrals for a 20 gig iPod)
free iPod Photo (10 referrals for a 40 gig Photo iPod)
free desktop pc (10 referrals for a dektop pc)
free flatscreen (8 referrals for a flatscreen or LCD television or monitor)
free handbag (5 referrals for a designer purse)

Offercentric is offering a unique twist: take the free item or a cash equivalent (payable by check or Paypal). Their offers are:

free mp3 players (5 referrals for an iPod or other mp3 player)
free digital cameras (7 referrals for a 3 or 5 MP camera)
free dvr's (5 referrals for a Tivo or Replay TV)
free nintendo ds (4 referrals for a Nintendo DS)

Prizecube is a relative newcomer to the game, and the only one to offer personal video players so far. Plus, their requirement for free video game consoles is one referral less than Gratis.

free video game consoles (3 referrals for a Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube)
free digital cameras (4 referrals for a 3 or 4 MP camera)
free personal video player (8 referrals for a pvp)
free video games (3 referrals for a video games)

One caveat: the offers that are truly a free trial seem to be drying up. Advertisers seem to be growing weary of customers signing up for free trials, then ditching the service. AOL (for one) has ceased participating in these offers. eFax is a current offer that is truly free for the duration of the trial, and is easily canceled if you are not impressed with the service.

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