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December 2, 2004


Fimoculous is again performing a valuable and time-saving service (for the rest of us), collecting "Best of 2004" lists.

NPR offers a Real stream of Brian Wilson performing Smile.

Looking for a holiday baby present? You're Such A Baby has unique retro clothing and accessories for the little 'uns.

Secret Machines guitarist Ben Curtis talks to Chicago's Metromix. "People say we're 'prog rock,' but we write pop songs with experimental structures."

Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive! has been on a roll lately, featuring tracks from Ballboy, The Futureheads, and Bearsuit recently.

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood does a proper interview with Pulse of the Twin Cities. "We’re all huge, huge Hip-Hop fans, the whole band. That’s one of the only things we agree on as far as what to listen to on the road. We listen to a disproportionate share of Hip-Hop records when we’re all together, because that’s something that no one’s going to grumble about. I love Outkast, and that Kanye’ West record this year was probably easily in my top five, he had probably my favorite song of the year, "I Don’t Care." A lot of people probably think all we’re listening to is (the Skynyrd album) Second Helping all the time, you know?"

Free Pink Mini iPod!!!

The Globe and Mail profiles photo sharing web application Flickr.

Catherine Keane's business is loading others' iPods.

Podcast Alley offers a podcast library, software, and more.

Dame Iris Murdoch's last book revealed signs of her Alzheimer's disease, according to neuroscientists.

Rufus Wainwright talks to Toronto's Now. "I've always believed that albums are made before they're ever thought of, by randomly channelling things from the heavens."

Turn your Newton into a digital jukebox.

Painting By Numbers offers Boot Camp: Mashing for Beginners.

Megaprops go to Music For Robots for offering the theme to "The Adventures of Pete and Pete." My wife gets credit for trying to buy me dvd's of the show for Christmas, even though they haven't been officially released.

John Peel's autobiography will be published next October.

Skiddle reviews Dizzee Rascal's recent show at Glasgow Academy.

The ASU Web Devil lists their best "OG" punk albums ever.

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