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December 22, 2004


i-Mockery reviews Christmas in the Stars, the Star Wars Christmas Album.

Download the Beastles album (the Beatles vs. the Beastie Boys).

KLRU has released the Guided By Voices and Modest Mouse setlists for their Austin City Limits performances.

The Quicktime FLAC plugin

Pitchfork lists their top 50 singles of 2004.

Playlouder lists their top 50 albums and singles of 2004.

Rex at Fimoculous names his top 25 blogs of the year.

Looking to get away from the family on Christmas day in Atlanta? The Earl is presenting a Special Xmas Evening with Patterson Hood (of the Drive-By Truckers).

Slate profiles author Alice Munro.

Heavy Black Frames lists his 2004 Top 5's.

The New York Press offers New year's Eve music suggestions in the Big Apple.

The Orlando City Beat reviews the Saint Etienne singles collection, Travel Edition 1990-2005.

Ani DiFranco has two albums finished, the first out January 25th. "I tend to follow my own pace so that it shifts from year to year, but generally it's pretty fast and furious, and it's more like a sensation of running to catch up with my muse, I guess."

Bollywood for the Skeptical offers information about Bollywood film, language in India, useful Hindi words, and even downloads of songs from Bollywood movies.

Marriage proposal via iPod engraving

Download a plethora of drum 'n bass live sets.

The Wikipedia entry for "bastard pop"

Why Baltimore House Music Is The New Dylan.

Flagpole lists holiday releases to cherish and avoid, and writes a brief love song to do=it-yourself recording.

The new Harry Potter book's presales have it #1 on many lists (even though Half-Blood Prince won't be available until July 16).

Drowned in Sound profiles the Charlatans.

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