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January 18, 2005

Free Notebooks, and More Free iPod Shuffles and Free Mac Minis

Offercentric (the "4free" company) has added three new promotions to its roster of free promotions:

Free Notebook Computer (18 offers required)
Free Mac Mini (11 offers required)
Free iPod Shuffle (3 offers required)

The Free Notebook offer seems almost unattainable, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Both the Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle promotions are a step down from the Gratis promotions for free Mac Minis (ten referrals versus eleven) and free iPod Shuffles (1gb version versus 512mb), but they are a good alternative if you have already finished the Gratis promotions for these items.

In other free stuff news, I am one referral away from the Free Desktop PC and Free Game Console. With my media server passing away last weekend, the free pc would really come in handy. I finished my requirements for the Free iPod Shuffle, Free Nintendo DS and Free MP3 Player, and am waiting for my referrals to be approved.

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