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January 14, 2005

Patterson Hood's Current Playlist

What is Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers listening to? (via the Drive-By Truckers mailing list)

1. The Dexateens - Red Dust Rising
"Great band from Tuscaloosa AL (A God-forsaken place). My friend Terrell from Sacramento turned me on to their first album about a year ago. He's the guy who first turned me onto The Replacements 20 years ago, so I listen to him. Really liked that record, but they just sent me an advance of the new one (coming in a month or so) and I have listened to it nearly non-stop. A great rock record with songs that would have held up fine any way they had played them. I'm looking forward to seeing them live asap."

2. Jay Z - The Black Album
"I bought it when it first came out and played it until I couldn't listen to it anymore. Now I'm on my second go-round and I'm loving it better than ever. Probably my favorite record from 03 now."

3. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
"Bought it when it first came out and hated it. Kept playing it and griping about how much i didn't like it. Then I realized that months later, I'm still playing the damned thing and now I really like it a lot. The best opening cut of the year."

4. Kanye West - The College Dropout
"Probably last years' best album. Definitely my favorite song of the year, 'I Don't Care'."

5. Faces - Five Men Walk Into A Bar (BOX SET)
"My all time favorite (non Stax) box set. Rock and Roll has never been any better than this. 4 discs and no filler. Even the jam-box recordings sound essential. Ronnie Lane was a hero among men."

6. (Favorite new local album) Southern Bitch - Snake in the Grass
"Kudos to SB for hanging in there, making through some really tough times that would have finished off most bands and rebounding with a fantastic album. An album that manages the difficult feat of being topical and political without being annoying or pretentious. Anthemic Arena Rock that works on every level and manages to still be as fun as an old Alice Cooper record."

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