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January 12, 2005


(Brought to you today by the iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini)

Playlist magazine reviews the new iPod Shuffle.

iPod Shuffle sparks stampede.

Macdevcenter's favorite new gadget is the iPod Shuffle.

Russell Beattie reviews the iPod Shuffle.

Brian Teasley (formerly of Man or... Astroman?, now in Humans) talks to Flagpole about being in a band with women. "With Humans, we knew we wanted to play with some females because everything we had been doing was so dude-oriented. Everything got complicated really quickly, had too many parts and was super aggressive. We would tone these things down and be in charge of them, but that's a natural thing for guys who grew up listening to Fugazi and the Jesus Lizard to do. We wanted to have a sort of democracy of gender."

Flagpole profiles local graphic designers who interact with the local music community.

The Boston Globe profiles local food bloggers.

Toronto's Metro answers "Where are they now?" for Men Without Hats.

Synthesis talks to Greg Dulli.

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