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January 20, 2005


Juliana Hatfield is making some of her songs available for download on the honor system.

Apple is giving iPod Shuffles to many of its retail employees.

BushProtest is blogging the inaugural protests.

Bradley's Almanac has been red hot lately, with an Arcade Fire live set and his year in review (not even mentioning the other live sets he's been posting).

Interpol's Daniel Kessler talks to the Daily Yomiuri. "Independent bands do sometimes go on Letterman and stuff like that, but not too often. So the fact that it really took off very steadily from the beginning, and it never had like a gigantic hit or anything, but was always just really gradual and really growing on a lot of word of mouth was surprising and we had never planned on it."

The Las Vegas Mercury reviews four albums currently in rotation at my house.

The Baen Free Library offers many science fiction and fantasy e-books available for download.

Thanks to John Sakamoto for the LHB mention in his always excellent Anti-Hit List.

OnlineAthens reviews one of my favorite albums of 2005 (so far), The Chris Stamey Experience's A Question of Temperature.

The Globe and Mail offers an indie film quiz for those who can't make Sundance this week.

Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave talks to the Arizona Daily Wildcat.
"When you read articles in The New York Times about The Shins or Death Cab, I understand that more than these monolithic or corporate bands. It's a sign that you can make the music you like and find an audience for it."

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