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February 8, 2005

Bittorrent Brunch

Today's first show is by a band truly deserving their buzz, The Arcade Fire. Their debut album, Funeral, was pretty good, but their live show just blew me away.

All downloads are through Easytree today. If you are not registered, don't fret. They purge old accounts often, at which time new ones become available. Just keep trying to register, and remember to keep those torrents open.

The Arcade Fire: 2005-01-31, Philadelphia [flac]*
The Killers: 2004-12-01, Toronto [flac]*
Matt Pond PA: 2004-09-03, Austin [flac]*
The La's: "Demos + Live" [flac]*
Neil Young & Elvis Costello: 2003-09-20, Irvine [flac]*
The Handsome Family: 2001-11-25, Tilburg [flac]*
Sonic Youth: 1990-08-07, New Haven [flac]*
My Bloody Valentine: 1992-02-04, Los Angeles [flac]*
Pixies: 1989-05-05, Newcastle [flac]*
REM: 2005-02-03, Rotterdam [flac]*

*registration required

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