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February 3, 2005


Midwestern online media mogul Robert Duffy is celebrating the two year anniversary of Donewaiting with an album featuring four new songs each by Miranda Sound and Tiara. Download two of the tracks here. If you are near Columbus, the album release party is Saturday night at Little Brothers. Happy anniversary, Donewaiting, I wish you many more...

SXSW has updated the list of bands playing this year's festival.

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings play an in-store at Grimey's in Nashville today at 6.

I really want a keychain plant.

"The Devil's Handbag" not only references a classic X song, but also is the name of an eclectic podcast offering from the music blog, automatik.

mliPod is a Winamp 5 plugin for iPods.

Podsiphon is offering daily, free and legal music downloads.

New technology in an old application: the iPod Photo stereoscope

The Daily Tar Heel discovers mp3 blogs, giving Fluxblog and The Tofu Hut well-deserved kudos.

A Beatle Bob documentary? (More amazing: film makers competing to make such a film)

Murray Lightburn of the Dears talks to Manchester Online. "I know I listen to us sometimes and go 'I sound like Morrissey' but hey, I adored the guy; still do. Is that soooo bad? I don’t see the hundred thousand Thom Yorkes getting it in the neck."

The Goldstein Museum at the University of Minnesota - St. paul is hosting an exhibition of album art.

The Boston Phoenix focuses on album art that inclused the Zakim Bridge.

ILMiXor is a collaborative mix project from the members of I Love Music.

I've heard that Largehearted Boy was mentioned again in the March issue of Q magazine. Since that issue should show up in these parts in about a month, I'd be much obliged if someone scanned the reference and sent it my way. Thanks.

NME is giving away Dears "goodies."

James Mercer of the Shins talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Larry Crane of Jackpot Studios is interviewed by the Portland State University Vanguard, and talks about the Jenny Lewis solo album.
"Right now I am working on a project with Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley and Matt Ward's producing it, and it's just a pleasure, it's totally awesome. Jenny is a great singer and has great songs and we've had some cool musicians come in and play on it. It's total fun, and I knew it would be."

Slobberbone is still breaking up, catch them on their last tour if you get the chance.

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