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March 16, 2005


The new Spike Jonze ad for Adidas features vocals by Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. (quicktime link)

Flagpole has several articles this week worth mentioning. First, they list ten local (Athens) albums worth uncovering. Next, Chicago trio Pit Er Pat is profiled. Last, local artists attending SXSW are listed.

Chartattack talks to Magneta Lane's Lexi Valentine and lists Canadian tour dates for this promising band.

Bjork answers questions from the readers of the Independent.

M. Ward is interviewed by Metromix.

Smoosh talks to the Associated Press.

Are you a media blogger? You may benefit by joining the Media Bloggers Association.

ProHipHop covers daily hip hop business news.

The Brookings Institution is webcasting a briefing entitled "The Impact of New Media" next Tuesday, covering weblogs and old media.

Woody Allen talks to Suicide Girls. "I still lay down on the bed with a yellow pad and write. Invariably I have to type it myself and that takes three days. I was taught to write on a typewriter and I think it would be healthier for me to do it because if you write on your typewriter, you act out the scene and you type it down and you sort of know it works. When you write on a pad, you're hearing it in your head and you don't know that it works when it becomes audible, but it goes so much faster that I've gotten into the bad habit and I've been doing it for years."

Aeki Tuesday now has their own domain, drop off a housewarming present.

Former North Carolina senator and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards starts podcasting next week.

An interesting Wiki: List of songs containing overt reference to real musicians.

The Times Online speaks out against the Peter Pan sequel.

The Telegraph profiles Lindsay Lohan (who knew that Jodie Foster is one of her heroines).

Stream the infamous "Metallica Drummer" video on iFilm.

Knobtweakers is a (relatively) new mp3 blog focusing on electronic music.

Watch an animation of the Mountain Goats' "Slow West Vultures."

The Philadelphia Inquirer editorializes the Bloggies.

Singer-songwriter Brendan Benson talks to the Detroit Metro Times about his new album, moving back to Michigan, and working with Jack White. "Having worked with Jason Falkner and Jon Brion — not to say anything negative about them — but it’s kind of this school of music that is sort of cerebral. Maybe too much so. Not enough heart. Jack was like the antithesis of that. Just the raw emotion."

Billboard offers their second SXSW preview in a series of four.

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