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March 25, 2005


Rachel Flotard of Visqueen lists "music you should hear" for

The Newark Star-Ledger covers Yo La Tengo's all-request online WFMU covers benefit.

Chris Funk of the Decemberists talks to the Daily Nebraskan. "'The Tain' is pretty rockin. All of us are closet rockers to a degree. We have no illusions that we’re in a rock band although rock is very much a part of what we do."

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood talks to the Cleveland Free Times. "“I think it's frustrating to record-company types because they don't know quite where to focus their attention; it's not like we're all the rage with some demographic that they can aim their little gun at and shoot us into making sales. [Our fans] are really a hodgepodge of people who have come together through word of mouth over the course of us being on the road for the last six years."

The Guardian wonders: what is the best band name ever?

Jerry Dannemiller of Moviola reviewed Antony and the Johnson's I Am a Bird Now for NPR's All Things Considered yesterday. Also, Danemiller's band, Moviola, fresh off a visit to SXSW, is playing a benefit for local radio station WCBE Friday night at Skully's in Columbus, Ohio (home of

The Wall Street Journal delves into blog advertising.

Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell talks to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Get your Katamari beads here! (A great thank you to everyone who recommended Katamari Damacy, the game has rarely left my PS2)

The NBA now features official podcasts.

The comedy group The Firesign Theatre is offering its classic skits via podcast.

For my robot-loving friend Mac "Lotsofco" Max, some tracks from My Robot Friend's Hot Action! album.

Radio 1's Steve Lamacq still gets excited listening to band demos.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer offers a podcast primer.

The Guardian talks to William E. Jones, director of the Morrissey documentary, Is It Really So Strange? (which examines the Moz's growing Latino fanbase).

The Motley Fool has a message board devoted to "iPod Living."

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