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April 5, 2005


David Lowery of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven talks about how to win friends and influence people. "Here’s my definition of a smart business move. Write some good songs and make a good CD."

Click The Vote! is an "independent grassroots non-profit group fighting for new technology user rights."

Broken Social Scene guitarist Andrew Whiteman talks about his side project, Apostle of Hustle. "We’ve been accused of being too dance or too eclectic, and that’s probably because there is so much that we want to shove in. We’re not trying to be purists at any rate at all. This record is a mutt; the band is a mutt, and it doesn’t know its mother and father."

Gear pits the PSP against the Nintendo DS.

Boston's The Edge reviews Sunday's Psychedelic Furs show.

Starbucks to start selling a live acoustic albums by Antigone Rising.

EatFeed is a podcast for us foodies.

A collection of Radiohead album art

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