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April 27, 2005


The Village Voice covers the shutdown of bittorrent live show sharing mecca,, complete with a photo of one of my favorite bands.

Mark Morford wonders what's on Jesus' iPod.

RealNetworks launches free version of its Rhapsody downloading service, with 25 free song downloads a month.

Slint is auctioning three guitars and a road case on eBay.

Gang of Four member Dave Allen talks to Suicide Girls about the band's reunion.

No Love For Ned kicks off the internet stream's fourth year with an in-studio performance by singer-songwriter David Karsten Daniels.

The Arcade Fire has an animated video for "Neighborhood #3" (Power Out).

Pulp's Jarvis Cocker lists his Desert Island Discs for BBC Radio 4.

Google is testing Adsense in RSS feeds.

Spoon's Britt Daniel talks to MTV. "Once we got those pretensions of 'Oh, I wanna make a dance record' out of our heads, the songs just naturally developed."

CNN/Money offers digital gift advice for graduates.

Former Superdrag member John Davis talks to Creem magazine.

Newsday talks to podcasters about the medium's reach.

iFilm has posted the only known film appearance of Leadbelly. The three song piece was edited by Pete Seeger.

Wired News says "podcasting killed the radio star."

Flagpole reviews the Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo.

Business 2.0 ponders if you really need online radio these days.

Bloc Party talks to the Belfast Telegraph.

The Daily Vanguard profiles Olympia, Washington, through its talented citizens and organizations.

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