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April 29, 2005


All the Young Mod Soldiers interviews talented artist Carson Ellis, whose works adorn the Decemberists' releases.

Britney shops for Radiohead? There's photographic proof!

The Tallahassee Democrat reviews the Mountain Goats' The Sunset Tree.

Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla interviews author Sarah Vowell for Salon.

The Hype Machine is a pretty interesting mp3 blog aggregator, gathering songs from mp3 blogs and counting their frequency.

Fimoculous and Blogumentary had a baby, MNspeak, and it makes me wish I still lived in Minneapolis (until winter, at least).

Singer-songwriter Howie Day talks to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "I have this theory that the best songs are written by two people. Songwriting is more fun that way, and you can learn from each other."

OC Weekly previews Coachella.

The Guardian explores "fireworks careers" of musical acts, in particular the Thrillers.

My list of 2005 SXSW live show recordings has been updated.

The Register examines the Netherlands' possible plan to tax portable mp3 players.

James Mercer of the Shins talks to the Kansas City Star. "I don't really think of the Shins like some sort of solo project. I guess it's just a situation where I'm going to write the songs, and I'm going to have a band, and we are going to produce the songs and arrange the parts, and we are going to record it. It's like with the Beatles. The majority of their songs were Lennon-McCartney, and yet we still look at the Beatles as the Beatles, not Lennon and McCartney and those two dudes."

The Times-Picayune recounts the food at this year's Jazzfest.

The Oxford Student reviews Haruki Murakami's latest novel, Kafka on the Shore.

Ryan Adams talks to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, as does the Wedding Present's Dave Gedge.

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