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May 7, 2005


The Wily Filipino has been offering a fun movie video capture quiz. I'd play, but my movie knowledge (outside of the Godfather films) is pretty negligible.

Devendra Banhart visits Spin's offices for an interview and performance. is an aggregator of houseblogs (diaries by people building, improving or restoring their own homes).

Come, Come to the Sunset Tree, the Mountain Goats' vinyl limited edition of their latest album is available at Moops Music (and I'm on the waiting list, hoping that 18 more copies somehow make their way to the store...).

Speaking of the MG's, the keyboardist for Shearwater (opening band this leg for John Darnielle and Peter Hughes), Howard Draper, is keeping a Flickr tour diary.

More Mountain Goats' The Sunset Tree reviews are in Billboard, the Hofstra Chronicle, and Kalamazoo Gazette.

Listen to the Decemberists' recent Washington show courtesy of NPR's Live Concert Series.

The Guardian tours Manhattan using blogs as guides.

Brian Wilson will release a Christmas album, What I Really Want for Christmas, on October 18th, according to Rolling Stone.

Aqualung is keeping an online tour diary.

The Tallahassee Democrat celebrates "Free Comic Book Day" with a profile of the genre. (thanks to Chromewaves for reminding me of the occasion). Other comic coverage comes from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, The Dallas Voice, The Olympian, and The Houston Chronicle.

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