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June 2, 2005


Twangfest has started its fifth annual online auction that funds the four day volunteer run, not-for-profit music festival.

The second issue of MungBeing is online.

The Dallas Observer profiles Conor Oberst.

Sleater-Kinney talks to SF Weekly. ""One trend that I just really kind of can't stand is when I turn on, like, the radio and hear a band and I honestly don't know if it's, like, 1983 or it's now."

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady talks to Metromix:

"Kiss was the first band I was really into, and they put out two records a year. I think that there's maybe a market for that now. For one, it keeps you in the press. But number two, we're always downloading stuff on the Internet, and people consume music quicker."

Forbes reports that music downloading is up (both legal and illegal).

Author Joy Nicholson (The Road to Esmeralda and Tribes of Palos Verdes) is interviewed by LA Weekly.

SF Weekly sings the praises of "Protest Song" by Deadbeat.

Newsweek interviews the individual members of Coldplay.

The Pitch interviews Eddie Money:

P: You made some goofy faces in that "Shakin'" video. Are those normal expressions?
EM: (Crackling) " ... and this drunken Indian punched me, and it broke my jaw in several places, and to this day that side of my mouth is messed up. You can blame the Indian!"

The Riverfront Times wonders what the buzz bands of today will sound like when the hype wears off.

Aimee Mann is interviewed by the Boston Phoenix:

"We sort of need the big acts to get bigger, and totally become these dinosaurs, so we can have our own culture at knee-height that everybody at the top ignores, and we can just get down to the business of having fun."

Business Week offers indie bookstore survival stories.

EMI on the Coldplay album leak:

"I'm not saying we condone it but I'm not saying it's a disaster," EMI said.

You can never have too many covers of "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

The Philadelphia Daily News compares Live 8 to Live Aid.

The University of Wisconsin's Daily Cardinal lists albums you should hear before attending college.

Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker continues the band's media onslaught by talking to the San Jose Mercury News.

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