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June 4, 2005


Angry Youth Comix genius Johnny Ryan is interviewed by Suicide Girls.

DRE: I happened to be reading some old Daniel Clowes and Peter Bagge stuff recently. It really struck me how their older work can be quite similar to what you do. But now Clowes does these somber books now. Can you see yourself doing work like that 15-20 years down the line?

JR: At this point I can’t envision myself doing that. There is that part of me that would be heckling myself if I tried to write a serious story about my grandfather or something. I just can’t see that happening but who knows. 20 years down the line I might fall and hit my head then I’ll be writing serious stuff.

Is Holy Moly the new Popbitch?

Culturedeluxe has added a weekly downloadable mixtape feature, Personal Stereo.

The Arizona Republic offers a family tree of Omaha bands.

The New York Times offers a literary map of Manhattan, "where imaginary New Yorkers lived, worked, played, drank, walked and looked at ducks."

The Chicago Tribune reports that vinyl record sales still average between 500,000 and 700,000 yearly.

Oprah endorses William Faulkner.

The Montreal Gazette examines the city's burgeoning indie music scene.

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