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June 7, 2005


Before Jack Black's School of Rock film, there was (and is) a real School of Rock Music in Philadelphia. A documentary film, Rock School, about the school was released last week, catch it if you can.

Lisa Carver thinks that "chick lit" should take some pointers from gay porn.

Stream the Joy Zipper's XFM session.

WFMU's blog adds several streaming versions of the Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog," including one by personal favorites Bob Hund.

No Love For Ned has Doug Gillard as an in-studio guest this week on the streaming radio show. Recently a GBV sideman, Gillard's 2004 solo album, Salamander, is a slice of powerpop heaven.

Douglas Wolk profiles The Fall via their Peel sessions in this month's Believer.

Discuss your favorite (or most hated) young adult books at ReadingYA: Readers' Response.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition, the animation.

Browse through Don Swaim's many audio interviews for "Book Beat."

Umlauts likes the Europop and is not afraid to say it.

The Twain Reader is serializing Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer in podcast form.

Brian Eno talks to the Guardian.

He briefly brandishes his iPod - "it lets an environment randomly create itself out of elements that I've chosen, I'd call that generative" - then concedes: "It hasn't happened as quickly as I expected, but then again ambient didn't happen as quickly as I expected."

np: Centro-matic: The Static Vs The Strings Vol. 1

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