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June 10, 2005


Download the trailer for the next version of Katamari Damacy (zipped wmv link). I know what I am doing next October...

John Vanderslice has named his fall touring band to support his Pixel Revolt release:

Ian Bjornstad: Wurlitzer, Moog Source
Dave Douglas: Drums, Keyboards
David Broecker: Bass, Keyboards
Dan Brennan: Live Sound, Samples

Judy Blume talks to the Guardian about her controversial young adult book, Forever, on its thirtieth anniversary.

"How have things changed since I wrote the book?" she muses. "Of course it was always seen as taboo by some. But from the 1980s onwards, the religious fundamentalists have grown in power. Fear is contagious and those who wish America to become a faith-based society are doing their best to spread it."

Ask Metafilter answers an mp3 backup question.

The New York Times examines a cassette deck for your PC.

What every renaissance man needs: a chainmail iPod cozy.

Newcity Chicago names its Lit 50 2005, the movers and shakers in the city's book world.

The Seattle Times responds to "pushy publicists" promoting musicians.

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