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June 15, 2005


Bloc Party's Thursday night DC show will be broadcast live on NPR.

Colleen Curran, author of Whores on the Hill (surprisingly about an all-girls high school and not the US Congress), visits The Happy Booker and lists some of the music she's been listening to for "If I Only Had an iPod."

Asthmatic Kitty has the new Sufjan Stevens album, Illinois (one of my favorite discs of 2005), available for only $10.

T-shirt of the day: "Shul of Rock" via Jewsrock.

Jewsrock is a "non-profit group devoted to illuminating the intersection of rock and roll and Jewish culture" founded by Washington Post music critic (and LHB reader) David Segal. Visit the Challah Fame, the blog, and Max Weinberg's Bar Mitzvah: A Gallery of Marvelous Occasions.

Longwave has made a "behind the scenes" video from the video shoot for "There's a Fire."

MSNBC lists great radios for the great outdoors, including two Tivoli models I covet, the and .

J.K. Rowling continues her streak and refuses to license e-books for the sixth Harry Potter book, . lists their top picks for this week's Wakarusa Festival.

Beck talks to Paste.

"If you really want to have a legacy, you have to write “Happy Birthday," something like that," he says, causing me to laugh until I realize he’s serious. “Those are the kinds of songs that last forever. It’s not that what any of us are doing is in vain, we’re just part of the continual momentum."

Tom Verlaine signed to Thrill Jockey.

Wikipedia lists alternative hip hop musicians, feel free to add more.

Message board discussion of the day: [this is good].

The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle makes a mix CD for Seattle Weekly.

Paste reviews the live Drive-By Truckers DVD, The Dirty South Live at the 40 Watt.

Singer-songwriter Julie Doiron talks to the Ottawa Sun.

"For years, I would always get, 'Julie's fine but we want her to rock out.' Well, there's more to music than rocking out; though, I think I did it on Goodnight Nobody ... in my own way."

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