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June 23, 2005


Bitch & Moan, a woman-centered "vagazine," offers a special music issue this month.

Mike Richmond of legendary Athens band Love Tractor talks to Flagpole.

Fat-bottom girls and the rockin' world: a normative and scientific examination of a close relationship (plus a rebuttal).

The Freakonomics blog asks the question: "What do bagels and MP3's have in common?"

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats talks to the East Bay Express.

Meanwhile, Darnielle isn't so big on "Cubs in Five" these days. "I'm a Cubs fan, but the song is something of an albatross around my neck now," he e-mails. "When Tampa Bay was a great team a couple of years ago, I wished I'd never written it."

Marketers scan blogs for brand insights

LA Weekly interviews Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney.

Do you still get asked about gender issues and being a female band in a male-dominated scene?
"I’d like people to let go of gender issues. I think we’re always three women onstage, but we’re also three musicians onstage. You never think about male rock bands, like, 'Oh, there’s four guys onstage.'"

The Critics Notebook at the New York Times takes aim at The Believer's music issue and The Shins Will Change Your Life.

Bypass any Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour and visit the Reborn Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive instead (a repost for me, but timely).

The Baltimore Sun names their "50 best magazines."


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