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June 27, 2005


The Pernice Brothers have added a second Indie Cribs video clip. (Watch the original episode of Indie Cribs)

Somehow the clip managed to find its way to the folks at MTV, seriously, and guess what? They think absolutely no one would watch such a show. And they've got a point. It would be pissing away good money after bad to produce such a show. But since I own 50% of a record company (and not a TV production company), I must be true to the credo of all record companies large and small: Piss away good money after bad at all costs.

Track down the music from your favorite Scrubs episode.

Red Herring has experts handicap the Grokster ruling.

T-shirt of the day: Warmonger

The Hollywood Reporter examines Myspace's impact on album sales.

Alexis Petridis reviews the Glastonbury Festival for the Guardian.

Time magazine discovers crunk.


Reuters examines the African reaction to the Live 8 concerts.

A Blog Soup interviews singer-songwriter Jaymay.


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