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June 29, 2005


Suicide Girls interviews author Chuck Palahniuk.

DRE: How’s the response to this book (Haunted) been? It’s little spurts of Chuck Palahniuk rather than one whole novel.

CP: Right but it also goes on over twice the length of Fight Club. I just figured that the only way I could have the kind of momentum ongoing that I wanted was to do it with short stories. If I was going to have 400, then we had to have some sort of horrific thing every seven to eight pages.

A possible dance record by Greg Dulli and Jeff Klein would be a "metrosexual's dream come true."

Annie talks to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

"I just met these people who are like, 'Well, we used to like you before, but now you are mainstream!' " she says, clearly amused. "Some people just want to like you if you sell, like, two records. They want to be the first one who loves it. But if you do more than that, then they're like, 'Nah! It's not interesting no more!'"

Author Michelle Tea visits the offices of San Francisco's Manic D Press and profiles the publisher of "street poets, paranoid artists, political cartoonists, and experimental novelists."

iPodlounge reviews the new iPod lineup.

RIP, Shelby Foote.

Neil Gaiman interviews Gorillaz.

Popmatters spends fifteen minutes with Bloc Party.

Today we are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary, please send all sympathy notes to my wife.


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