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June 30, 2005


The Go-Betweens will appear on NPR's Fresh Air today.

Deva is an all-female Devo cover band.

Jason Pettigrew, editor-in-chief of Alternative Press magazine, is interviewed by the Cleveland Scene.

Keren Ann talks to ChartAttack.

Now that she's discovered how to fit both languages on one record, she says her all English experiment is done.

"[Writing a full album in English] is not a challenge I will do again," she says.

Philadelphia's City Paper profiles some of the city's independent booksellers.

Flagpole interviews Niki Sudden of Swell Maps fame.

CLEWS is the "historic true crime blog," and covers that literary genre.

The Daily Californian reviews Thursday night's San Francisco Mountain Goats show.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer examines illegal music downloading and local colleges' policies.

Chicago's Metromix pairs summer books with the ideal places to read them.

Singer-songwriter Erin McKeown talks to the Toronto Star.

The military connection was not lost either. The Iraq war was is another sadness McKeown would like to see ended, a position that is reflected on tracks such as "We are More" and "Bells and Bombs."

"We're living at a time where anyone who is making art is going to be affected by the war," she says.

"It's more than a figurative presence in all of our lives right now. It's a very literal presence. The language of war stops being metaphorical when there is a war going on.

"I don't really know how it's going to end. I don't really see anyone taking any responsibility for ending it in any civilized or humane matter at all. But it's so much a part of our daily lives as Americans that you just can't help but to take that in."

The Springfield News-Leader examines online resources for unsigned musicians.

Petra Haden talks to LA Citybeat

Indie label Bar/None released Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out. “I wanted to rerecord it in a studio,” she says. “But they liked how off it was, charming and different. I didn’t think anything would happen. I didn’t think anyone would hear it.”

The Daily Pennsylvanian lists their top albums of 2005 so far.

Threadless has two t-shirt design competitions beginning July 1st for Warner Brothers recording artists The Used and Eisley.


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