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July 1, 2005


Carl Newman of the New Pornographers talks to Chartattack.

"I'm really envious of Broken Social Scene," he says as he sips a Margarita at a west end Toronto restaurant. "I envy their interchangeable lineup, but I think we're going to have it from here on in."

Photos tagged with "live8" are already showing up on Flickr.

Lionel Vinyl offers his GlastoFM 2005 mix, "This Is In Tents," for download.

The first Chronicles of Narnia film will be promoted in Great Britain through elementary school lesson plans.

The example of the US, where commerce has more of a foothold in schools than it does here, is not terribly edifying. Marvel Enterprises, which is releasing this summer's dose of comic book schlock, The Fantastic Four, with babe du jour Jessica Alba, has distributed 2m lesson plans to American schools promoting the film. Aslan the Lion may be one thing; most parents would agree that Dr Victor Von Doom is quite another.

iPodlounge reviews the new iPods

The super Furry Animals talk to the Guardian

"We turned down a worldwide Coca-Cola advert and they came back and doubled their offer to seven figures," says Rhys, shaking his head. "It's insane."

The band's principled stand should not surprise anyone. They may do a good impression of being crazed mushroom- munchers obsessed by UFOs and laser beams, but beneath the weirdness beats an angry, agit-prop heart.

Books We Like is an online shopping comparison tool as well as collective intelligence recommendation system, with all profits going to public-interest media efforts.

2old2play is a site for older video game players.

Pulse of the Twin Cities profiles local indie record stores.

The Seattle Times profiles Myspace and its effect on local music.


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