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July 6, 2005


How to keep from losing iPod songs? The Minneapolis Tribune has the answer.

Target will roll out a digital music subscription service.

IGN reviews American Psycho (Uncut Killer Collector's Edition). My advice: read the book instead.

The Scotsman offers twenty secrets of Live 8.

Dungen's Gustav Ejstes talks to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

"In the '70s we had music political movements and left-wing music. I sing in Swedish, and I have psychedelic influences, and that's something Swedes hate. It's tired men in their late 40s who were into punk rock – they hate my music."

The Spoken Alexandria Project is a podcast featuring Creative Commons audiobooks.

Sara from Tegan and Sara talks to Flagpole.

"I learned that cultivating that kind of ‘they-found-you' audience can be much more helpful than having the new top five song or whatever," says Sara. "I used to think that Internet publicity, like Myspace or something, wasn't really any good. But since [then,] we've had thousands of members sign onto our Myspace account, keeping up with our music and shows. For a band like us, who really has no promotional budget, putting yourself on the Internet can be a really useful thing."


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