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July 21, 2005


The New York Times reviews Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself To Live. (see also: Klosterman's "Book Notes" entry for the book)

No Love For Ned's radio show this week features an in-studio performance by Static Films.

Archie McPhee has released a Johann Sebastian Bach action figure.

*Sixeyes has posted the first part of a three part interview with singer-songwriter-producer John Vanderslice.

Abir's "clog" (concert log) has photos and video from Sufjan Stevens' Sunday night San Francisco show.

The Ice Cream Man went to Siren Fest and took photos of every band (and even wrote some reviews).

Free Albums Galore is an mp3 blog that features full free and legal downloads and reviews daily.

Coolfer wonders what "indie" means these days.

A weblogs ethics survey publishes its results.

Chartattack interviews singer-songwriter Erin McKeown.

My iPod is my best friend. I love to put it on random and just see what comes up. I don’t have a TV and I only just recently got high-speed Internet, so iTunes is a new world for me. I’ve been enjoying that a lot. I’m likely to download any kind of song. As a musician it made me like music again. So much of how you hear music for the first time is about the context of it. That’s the great thing about the shuffle. All the time stuff that’s on my iPod that I didn’t remember is there or hadn’t listened to in a long time will come up and I think "Man this is so good." If I had sought it out or someone had put it on my desk and I had to listen to it, I probably wouldn’t feel about it the same way. It’s just in that set up of complete surprise when you are open to the newest things.

Sign this woman up for an Apple commercial.

Slate examines the political leanings of the new Harry Potter book

The New York Times covers limited edition t-shirts.

Sign-ups are live for the 2005 edition of Blogathon. Blog every 30 minutes over a 24 hour period, and help the cause of your choice.

The Telegraph reviews CocoRosie's recent London show.


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