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July 25, 2005


My Mean Magpie has posted a 2001 Sufjan Stevens Toronto show.

Radar Online interviews Stevens.

I really love Illinoise, but I was kind of disappointed there wasn’t a song about Saul Bellow.

There actually was an ode to Saul Bellow, but it was cut. I read The Adventures of Augie March as research. But I ended up using Carl Sandburg as a muse because I found his writing to be more classical and antiquated, and kind of silly, and that lends itself to lyric writing. I think Augie March is the great American novel, far more compelling than even Moby Dick, but I found it intimidating to manage his writing musically. It’s so complete and so literary. Sandburg’s more lyrical.

Watch webcasts of John Updike, John Ashbery, Susan Sontag and others at the Kelly Writers House Webcast Archive.

Organizers of the Bonnaroo Festival are planning an October Las Vegas event, Vegoose.

David Sedaris discusses worms, germs and Christmas in the August 1st issue of the New Yorker.

Nick Hornby talks to the Denver Post about his latest novel, A Long Way Down.

"I've been looking for a way to take things further, to make a novel that's a bit darker and a bit funnier, to stretch what I do."

antiMUSIC lists the tracklisting for the upcoming Melvins tribute, We Reach: The Music Of The Melvins.

Bob Mould talks to Popmatters.

"My record label gets so nervous, like, "What will people think if there are dance elements?" And I'm like, 'Why?' If they like the song, they like the song. The album is here, these remixes are here, and don't sweat it so much."


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