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July 30, 2005


While the Los Angeles Times wonders if radio has a future, the Seattle Times revels in internet radio.

The Mix CD Exchange is a "community for people who love putting music together in just the right order to create that perfect transition, that sweet irony, or just that amazing compilation of songs."

AskMetafilter lists great American bands.

The Sydney Morning Herald reviews the new Sufjan Stevens album, Illinois.

Free Time lists a half-dozen cool things in music today.

Jay Farrar is interviewed by Newsweek.

NW: When you first came out with Uncle Tupelo and then Son Volt you were quickly ordained the pioneer of the whole “alt-country” movement. You were very resistant to the idea of that.

JF: At the time it just seemed a little weird because we’d been doing Uncle Tupelo for about seven years, and up to that point, there were just some loose terms thrown around like “roots-oriented rock” or something like that, and then all of sudden it was called “alternative country” and there was a magazine [called No Depression, which took its name from the band’s debut album, although Uncle Tupelo wasn’t involved with it]. It was just a little strange to get acclimated to it at first.

Singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

Griffin Technologies is taking preorders for its iFM iPod remote, recorder, and FM receiver.

SF Crow's Nest interviews science fiction author Orson Scott Card.

Olly Knights of Turin Brakes talks to Inside Bay Area.

The Los Angeles Times remembers Pink Floyd.


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