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August 13, 2005

Bittorrent Brunch

Unfortunately, I missed the Athens OTC show, a sorrow compounded by two things. First, every show I have seen at the Orange Twin Conservation Community has been an outstanding experience, and second, I really wanted to see OTC and the tall Dwarfs again. Thanks to my favorite taper (and fellow Drive-By Truckers fan) Sloan Simpson for taping the show.

Olivia Tremor Control: 2005-08-06, Athens [flac]*
Super Furry Animals: 2005-08-11, Maida Vaile (BBC) [flac]*
DEVO: 2005-08-04, Anaheim [flac]*
Sufjan Stevens: 2005-07-23, Seattle [flac]*
New Pornographers: 2002-08-18, Winnipeg [flac]*
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: 1997-05-07. Charlottesville [flac]*
The Frogs: 1992-02-01, Chicago [flac]*
Spacemen 3: Recurring demos [flac]*
Kraftwerk: 1975-09-21, Croydon [flac]*
Wilco: 2000-07-27, Seattle (NTSC) [dvd]

*registration required

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