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August 6, 2005


New York rockers 33Hz list "music you should hear" for Amazon (visit the band's website)

No Love For Ned has Billy Sugarfix (Evil Weiner) as an in-studio guest this week on his weekly internet radio show.

Suicide Girls interviews Richard Hell, whose greatest hits collection, Spurts, hit the shelves Tuesday and book, , also was published recently.

DRE: How was this (writing the book) compared to writing music?

RH: It has nothing to do with doing music at all. It has no relationship to writing music. It’s a completely different undertaking. It’s nothing like writing a novel.

Bookslut's August issue contains an interview with author Banana Yoshimoto, magazine reviews, and much more.

The Telegraph reports why classical music is "out of tune with the iPod."

Your Pal Doug is offering a digital version of the vinyl classic, The Man Called Flintstone. My favorite tribute to The Flintstones is the Dickies' version of "Bedrock Barney" from Stukas Over Disneyland.

For the Ramones fans: a complete guitar tab archive.

The Denver Post reviews Sufjan Stevens' July 29th Denver show.

Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats talks to Popmatters.

I've heard that Bob Pollock of Guided By Voices gets a lot of his song titles by misreading signs while he's driving around. Like Bee Thousand, came from driving by this movie theater where they were playing this Charles Grodin dog movie Beethoven, and [he] misread Beethoven as Bee Thousand. And I think Alien Lanes came from a bowling alley called Allen Lanes. But anyway, I'm digressing here. So Echolocation definitely came a lot from watching PBS and sort of mishearing things I was hearing, or not mishearing them or whatever.

Sufjan Stevens talks to the LA Times.

"I think you should be suspicious when there's a lot of interest in what you're doing," the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based musician says firmly, sitting in a small lounge at the Santa Monica radio station. "You should kind of check it at every level. Are they interested in what I'm doing because of my proposition to do the 'states' records, because it's a gimmick? Or are they really interested in my songs and my music?"


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