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August 12, 2005


The Guardian looks back on how "Blur, Oasis, Pulp and co changed the face of UK music."

A British English teacher is reading all 17 shortlisted Booker prize books in 28 days, and chronicling the project for the BBC.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice is interviewed by The Red Alert.

What’s a pet cause of yours that you feel is neglected or overlooked by the public?

Electronic freedom is a big deal. I’m surprised by how little it’s covered by the mainstream media, not only the stuff that the Electronic Freedom Foundation deals with, but stuff having to do with censorship or with copyright and trademark stuff, peer-to-peer…there’s a lot going on right now. I think that the more the government has a foot in regulating what happens electronically, it’s generally for the worst. I’m worried that they’re going to start going after news servers now, and I’m surprised that more of my peers aren’t worried about it, to be honest.

USA Today takes tips for traveling music.

My favorite road album? The Magnetic Fields' The Charm of the Highway Strip (I'm serious).

New York chamber poppers The Sharp Things are featured in this AP article profiling bands that take a DIY approach to releasing their music.

Since I've been devouring Belle and Sebastian music since reading Paul Whitelaw's biography of the band, Just A Modern Rock Story, Revolution In The Head's collections of B&S covers were greatly appreciated.

The August 22nd issue of the New Yorker is brought to you by Target (and only Target).

Something Old, Something New posted yesterday about one of my favorite singers, Tujiko Noriko (and posted a track from one of her new albums). I never knew she had a blog.

Bookslut's Jessa Crispin discusses what's wrong with publishing in Chicago for The Book Standard.

CNET lists the top 5 ways mp3 has changed the world.

The iPod family photo album

My favorite podcast is currently the Boston Sports Massacre (and I'm a Flyers/Phillies/Eagles fan, so it has to be good).


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