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August 18, 2005


Newsday poses ten questions to Sufjan Stevens.

Do you feel like you've been overly hyped? Have you found anything disturbing in your newfound hype? It's more of an abstraction at this point. I'm very much aware that something in fashion now is quickly out of date. I'm suspicious of that kind of attention. But it is important to be gracious and remain encouraged by it. This is unusual in that I've had no mass market promotional campaign. I didn't anticipate this kind of reaction.

Music blogger Matt Ness (Moebius Rex) is interviewed by SF Weekly.

GK: Finally, do music bloggers get chicks?

MN: Well, my wife seems to think that any day now I'm going to have women throwing themselves at me based on my blog writings, but I really can't figure out what the draw would be. Married music geeks in their mid-30s can't possibly score that high on the "must seduce" lists of many women.

I knew I should have been a political blogger...

Melissa Wheeler explains her disappointment with The Arcade Fire in Maisonneuve.

The BBC is holding a competition to find Britain's favourite gay novel.

Hello! Surprise! is a music blog that covers the Swedish pop scene.

The Phoenix New Tines examines Continuum's 33 1/3 series of books about classic albums.

The Minnesota Historical Society lists every show ever played at Minneapolis's Seventh Street Entry and First Avenue clubs.

Comment spam is called "splog"???

The Kansas City Star attempts to explain the success of the White Stripes.

Academics embrace podcasting into college courses.

Gadling road tests (pool tests?) waterproof iPod cases.

320x240 offers music videos by Stars, Her Space Holiday and others.

The New Republic reviews Bret Easton Ellis's new novel, Lunar Park.

Ellis's fame for being directionless, it seems, has encouraged him not to take up the challenge of actually focusing his talent and writing something great. When the easy way works so well, why bother?

The Eagles' Terrell Owens should get back on the football field and stop setting a bad example for our kids.


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