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August 21, 2005


Play the video for the Mountain Goats' "This Year."

Incendiary interviews the Decemberists' Colin Meloy.

IN: And artistic ambitions?

CM: Oh, I don't know... I think it'll grow, there's still things to do. We have complete artistic freedom at Rough Trade, so I think we'll just have to see the way things develop. Since you mentioned theatre, I would like to do a musical, maybe. If I can find the right people. You need financers, people with experience in organizing plays, that kind of stuff. It's far too much trouble for me as I'm not organised at all.

Today's Bret Easton Ellis Lunar Park reviews:

The Oregonian: "Ellis has managed to weave a seamless whole out of a collection of contradictions."

San Jose Mercury News: "rich, deceptively complex novel"

Baltimore Sun: "a cut-rate horror, such overwrought self-mythology"

The Plain Dealer: "a prurient and fascinating literary exorcism, but it is an utter failure as Shakespearean tragedy."

tcetorrents is another source for live music downloads, in both lossless and mp3 formats.

Slate reports that heavy metal is flourishing.

Newsday reviews the Decemberists/Death Cab for Cutie SummerStage show.

Hayseed Dixie has a great taping policy.

The Chicago Sun-Times profiles the woman who killed Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist and two others.

A fitting end for Hunter S. Thompson.

The Louisville Courier-Journal on Hilary Duff:

In fact, if she were an unknown European pop singer (like Annie, who the indie-rock hipsters all adore) instead of a heavily marketed actress/singer/celebrity, Duff probably would be getting raves in Spin and Rolling Stone.


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